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We hold our clients' best interests above all else.

We believe a smart, efficient, and cost-effective 401k plan is the best tool to successfully reach retirement.

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Qmulate is proud to be one of the 4,960 (1.6%) of advisors that are true fiduciaries.

There are approximately 310,000 Financial Advisors in the USA. Of which, 90% of them are Brokers! 8.4% of them are dually registered/hybrid (investment advisor & broker), which is not a true fiduciary, and only 1.6% are actually registered investment advisors (Approximately 4,960 in the entire country).

So, what’s the difference between a Broker and a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

Everything you need to know.

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Our difference
Personalized investment advice
Financial Planning tools
Online financial dashboard
Reduces employer liability
Diverse mix of low-cost index funds
Revenue sharing/kick-backs
Receive commissions on product recommendations
Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
Registered with the state or SEC.
Like doctors or lawyers, investment advisors have a fiduciary duty and legal obligation to our clients.
We must serve your financial best interests at all times.
We also must disclose any conflict of interest.
We do not accept investment commissions from third parties for their products or any sort of kick backs/12b-1 trails.
We are a true fiduciary. Check us out
Brokers are usually employed by Wall Street Banks, brokerage houses, or insurance companies.
The products they recommend have to only pass a “suitability standard”, based on your individual circumstances.
However, they do not have to necessarily recommend the best or most appropriate product/investment for you.
Not licensed to provide personalized investment advice to participants.
Generally, receive a fee (kick back) for providing general participant customer service.

Go to brokercheck.finra.org to see if your financial professional is an Investment Advisor (Fiduciary).