About Us

Personalized financial advice for everyone.

Qmulate was created to bring personalized, honest and affordable financial advice to all.

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A little bit about us

Our Story

The firm’s Principal, Darrell Warner, has professional experience across the financial industry in: Investment Management, Risk Management, Debt Management and Comprehensive Financial Planning. First-hand experiences with high fees, underperformance of active managers, brokers with conflicts of interest, and the blatant disregard of the 99% due to “account minimums” led to the formation of a new type of Financial Planning and Wealth Management Firm: Qmulate Capital. We service the 100%.

Our Principles

We believe in comprehensive and collaborative Wealth Management. Qmulate’s core principles are rooted our beliefs that individual investors are best served by a low-cost, passive investment strategy. Our investment philosophy is guided by the ideology that low-cost, long-term, passive management via a portfolio of fully diversified exchange-traded funds (ETFs), outperforms active management on an after-tax, net-of-fees basis. We combine that with the smart rebalancing of your accounts, identifying tax-saving opportunities daily and managing all your investments, with us or not.

Our Mission

Qmulate was created to bring personalized, honest and affordable financial advice to everyone. The service model of the wealth management industry is backwards. Those clients who need financial help the most, individuals with assets below a certain threshold, are often disregarded. The remaining investment options available to these individuals may be expensive, difficult to understand, or recommended by advisors not acting in the client’s best interest.

Our Philosophy

The Qmulate Idealogy

Personalized Advice

Our goal-based investing approach uses a personalized strategy for each of your financial goals. We help to grow your money at just the right level of risk and keep you on track.

Low Cost

By investing in low cost, index funds over a mutual fund could save you hundreds of thousands in fees over 30 years. Based on a 1% industry average mutual fund vs 0.07% blended rate of index funds.

Efficient Portfolio

We invest your funds in a personalized portfolio that is globally diversified and designed to achieve optimal performance at every level of risk. Our asset allocation is tailor made.

Goal based investing

When you can give each dollar a specific purpose and attach a real outcome to the reason for your saving, you’re more likely to actually achieve success.

Key concepts include using a data-driven target, save for a tangible outcome, avoid under saving, plan ahead, save less, achieve more, guilt Free Spending and achieving optimal returns.

Invest Consistently

The average investor loses 2.5% each year trying to time the market. When the market is booming, they buy, and when they think the market’s in trouble, they sell.

If you add a steady dollar amount to your investments regardless of what the market is doing— you free yourself from worrying about when best to invest, and you’ll likely invest more overall. You won’t be “chasing performance”, you’ll be investing smarter.


Diversifying your investment portfolio matters – A lot. Estimates vary but some studies find it reduces an investor’s lifetime returns (wealth) by 20%, others put the costs higher.

By diversifying effectively, for any given level of risk, we can actually increase the expected returns by spreading your investments across different securities. That helps reduce the risk from any one security.

We believe everyone should have access to honest and affordable financial advice.

Darrell Warner

Principal & Founder.