Kids Savings

It's never too early to start saving for them.

Save and invest for your children's future, not just for the college experience but for life experiences as well.

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Quick and simple.

The Details

Open the most flexbile investment account for kids.


Why start an account now?

If you invest $50/mo when your child turns 1, considering an 8% average annual return, they could be a millionaire by 60. It's never too early to start.


What type of an account is it?

We open a UTMA / UGMA account. Unlike a 529 that can only be used for education, you can use the funds for anything that benefits your child.


When does the child "own" the account?

A UTMA / UGMA account can be transferred easily to the child at their “age of majority.” This varies from state to state.

Simple, transparent pricing


0.50%/ yr
  • No minimum to start
  • Flexible- use for anything
  • Simple to open